If your kids are now the age of independent play, chances are, you spend lots of time at the playground.

And unless you are a mutant or a saint, this can be pretty boring.

This is my guide to seeking out fun playgrounds (because even though I don’t find monkey bars and slides exciting, I sure get excited for my kids when I stumble upon a playground full of opportunities) that are both fun for your kids AND for you.

What makes them fun for you?  Food and coffee of course!

Thus begins my exploration of Toronto and beyond to source out the best playgrounds and the best cafés!


Lots of fun exploration for kids

Good coffee and food nearby

Uber Eats must be able to deliver to the playground

Clean bathrooms



275 Unwin Ave (head down Cherry Street towards the water and take the last left before you hit the beach)

How to Get Here:

We drive but I think you could easily bike from Leslieville, Riverdale, and even the Beach.  There is plenty of parking (Green P – urm, I never pay).

Why We Like it:

We hit this park during the week.  And NO ONE IS EVER HERE.  Well, once in a while you get some super fit people doing pull-ups and the random soccer player.

There is so much for the kids to do: slides, teeter-totter, swings (one baby, two kids and one accessible) and a great play structure in the shape of a pirate ship.

What is not awesome:  it’s somewhat near the dump so you do get some whiffs of garbage on a windy day.  It’s tucked between the waterfront and a very industrial area – so lots of truck noise and can be cooler with the wind coming off the lake.

The soccer fields are also deserted when we come, so you can easily let your kids run or try to fly a kite.


Under the pirate ship, it’s my favourite: rubber.  The rest is wood chips.


Yes!  Clean bathrooms right next to playground.

But here is the biggest problem:  no cute coffee shops within walking distance.  So here are my solutions:


You heard me: uber eats!  I once had Mean Boa delivered.  Yum.

2.  TNT Supermarket

Right before you turn left to the park, you will see a TNT Market on your right at 222 Cherry Street.  If you haven’t ever been to a TNT before – it’s a fun adventure of amazing Asian foods.  I will stop by and grab from their very plentiful hot take-away food or some sushi (and it’s pretty good!).  I believe this location even has bubble tea!

3.  Cherry Street BBQ

Another nearby stop on Cherry Street, you could order ahead and quickly grab on your way to the playground.  I mean a delicious, tender beef brisket and iced tea while your kids play?  Yes please!

4. Leslieville Pumps

Also down the delicious BBQ route, would be a stop at the Leslieville Pumps (that super cute gas station at Queen and Carlaw).  They have delicious coffee as well as the most scrummy cornbread muffins to go with their myriad of BBQ-esque sandwiches.  You can call and order ahead.  I personally love their BLT.

This is a great playground that if you hit during the week, you will have to yourself.  I’m willing to deal with the random wafts of Toronto garbage and iced coffee desert for hours of play for my kids.

As always, Happy Adventures!

– Sarah