Book Hog

by Greg Pizzoli

I love all of Greg Pizzoli’s books – it’s so fun to see his characters from other books making appearances in this one (I see you crocodile!  Or are you an alligator?).

The Book Hog loves books – he loves to smell them, to collect them and to look at all their pictures.  But he has a secret:  he can’t read!  Lucky for him, a lovely librarian reads him any book he wants and slowly he starts to be able to read himself.

I too smell my books – so I feel like the Book Hog is a kindred spirit.

This book just ate my dog

by Richard Byrne

I love wacky books that I would never imagine up myself in a million years.

Bella is walking her dog but the naughty book ate him!  And then when her friend tried to help, the book ate him too!  This book just keeps eating everything in sight. The only way to save Bella, her dog and all the helpers is for your reader to shake them out.

Fun, silly and a great interactive twist to engage your child.

Shhh! I’m Reading!

by John Kelly with pictures by Elina Ellis

Another book lover named Bella.

Bella is reading an AMAZING book and keeps getting interrupted by characters from other books and her imagination.

The Windy Pirates (I love the illustrations of toots), the penguins and Captain Flabulon just can’t entice her away from her incredible book.  When she’s finally finished and ready to play she finds all her friends are busy reading.  Alice loves to yell out:  shhhh!  I’m busy reading!

Hope you enjoy these picks!  And as always,

Happy Reading,