I Love Dogs!

by Sue Stainton and Bob Staake

This is a really fun visual book for kids to look for the dogs described (which dog is the bendy one Alice?) and for anyone who loves dogs.

Simple text and fun illustrations – this book is perfect for any dog loving family.  My kids love looking for the dogs that look like our dogs.  I especially love how the little boy passes all these dogs on his way to adopt a dog of his own. Then I tell my kids about how I adopted our dogs.  Lots of fun!

With Your Paw in Mine

by Jane Chapman

I am sure you already love Jane Chapman’s beloved “Bear” series but this is a whole new story!

If you love otters (and who doesn’t), you will love this book!  It’s the story of a Mama and her little baby, Miki.  Mama has to hunt for food. While she’s waiting,  Miki meets a new friend, Amak, who is also tethered with sea kelp waiting for his mama.  These little otters become friends and weather a storm together.

Friendship, mamas and their babies, communities – it covers it all! It’s sweet and wonderfully illustrated.  My kids love it.

A Little Chicken

by Tammi Sauer with pictures by Dan Taylor

Dot is a little chicken who happens to be a little chicken.  I have a little nervous nellie so this book is a perfect read!

Dot is scared of everything but can she pluck up her courage to save an egg that has rolled out of her mother’s nest?  It is a little sibling after all!  Dot faces her fears and proves that even those that are a bit chicken can find courage within themselves.

I love all of Sauer’s books that are funny and silly but with heartfelt lessons.  The illustrations are so bright and cheerful – it’s a great read.

Hope you enjoy these picks!  And as always,

Happy Reading,