Time to Sleep, Sheep the Sheep!

by Mo Willems

Alice loves loves loves this book – we read it before bed every night.  Sheep the Sheep checks on all her friends to make sure they are getting ready for bed.

Pig the Pig is in the bath, Horse the Horse is on the potty, and poor Owl the Owl is getting ready to not go to sleep.

It’s Mo Willems. That’s all you really need to know to convince you to go get this book.


by Catherine Rayner

Abigail is a giraffe who loves to count.  She tries to count everything she sees but zebra’s stripes are hard to count when she keeps moving.  Ladybug won’t stay still.  And there isn’t even a point in trying to count cheetah’s spots.

Abigail tries to teach her friends to count but the sun sets and it’s too dark to see anything.  Until she looks up and sees the stars above the savannah and realizes she can count all night.

Go Sleep in Your Own Bed

by Candace Fleming with illustrations by Lori Nichols

Anyone else have kids that end up in your bed (or start in your bed)?

On the farm, each bed is filled with the wrong animal and as we follow them to the right bed – we say goodnight.  Right up until the cat is let inside and snuggles down with the farm girl.  My kids love to shout “GO SLEEP IN YOUR OWN BED” – which seems ironic when they are in my bed.

Hope you enjoy these picks!  And as always,

Happy Reading,