What George Forgot

by Kathy Wolff with pictures by Richard Byrne

Is it any wonder why my son loves this book?

It reminds me very much of another favourite, Barnaby Never Forgets – my kids love how silly these books are.

George just knows he’s forgetting something, but what?   We love the page where he hasn’t forgotten to use yogurt to stick whiskers on his sister’s face. I’m waiting for the day my own George tries this on Alice.

Good Night Tiger

by Timothy Knapman with pictures by Laura Hughes

This a fantastically whimsical bedtime read.  Emma wants to go to sleep but all the animals on her wallpaper are keeping her up!

It’s up to Emma to help them fall asleep so she can get some sleep herself.

The Grotlyn

by Benji Davies

Oh how I ADORE Benji Davies – as an illustrator for other authors AND when he writes and illustrates his own books.

The Grotlyn is a bit gothic-y and whimsical and dark and fantastical.  It takes us to Victorian London on a dark night.

The Grotlyn has been sneaking around unseen – stealing knickers and cheese.  What could it be?  I won’t spoil the enchanting end for you.

Hope you enjoy these picks!  And as always,

Happy Reading,