Daddy Honk Honk

by Rosalinde Bonnet

This is the most adorable book set in the Arctic – perfect for learning about Arctic animals (shout out to Sarah Rachel at the ROM for this one!).

Aput, the little fox, watches the geese fly south for the winter and discovers they have left an egg behind.  When the egg hatches, the baby bird of course thinks Aput is his daddy.  Aput searches all over the tundra for a family to take the little bird.  He has no luck and soon realizes he can be the little bird’s family.

The illustrations are absolutely lovely – especially the last scene under the northern lights.

One Hundred Sausages

by Yuval Zommer

We are sausage fans in this household so any book about sausages is a good book.

Scruff the dog’s favourite things in the world are sausages.  And when he gets accused of stealing 100 sausages he must work fast to clear his name.

Quirky and funny with great illustrations!

Claudia & Moth

by Jennifer Hansen Rolli

Claudia loves butterflies.  She always wants to bring them home but her parents say that isn’t fair to the butterfly. Instead she paints butterflies and then can bring her art home.

Once winter arrives, there is nothing left to paint leaving Claudia sad. Until she meets a white moth who makes the most perfect canvas of all.

Hope you enjoy these picks!  And as always,

Happy Reading,