The Day it Rained Hearts

by Felicia Bond

This one has been around for over a decade and it’s just so simple and sweet.

One day it rains hearts and Cornelia Augusta (how cute is that name?) catches some.  She makes unique Valentine’s that suit each of her friends.

Thoughtful and adorable!

My Heart is Like a Zoo

by Michael Hall

I love this one – we make sure to get it every year.

Each page has a different animal that illustrates the way a child feels:  as angry as a bear or as silly as a seal.

What sets this book apart, is that each animal is made up of hearts.  It lends itself perfectly to a craft you can do with your kids!  And no – I haven’t done a craft year.  I swear this will be the year!

Here is a fun craft idea:  My Heart is Like a Zoo Craft

Love Monster

by Rachel Bright

We love this one in our house.  Well, George loves it due to his love of monsters.

Our poor little Monster lives in Cutesville where he is surrounded by cute, fluffy things. He searches for someone to love him everywhere and just as he is about to give up – love finds him.

I found this really cute craft that I <plan> to do with the kids (although let’s get real: I have many plans for crafts that never come to fruition) and you find it HERE.

Plant a Kiss

by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Little Miss plants a kiss.  Can you even plant a kiss?  She waters it and waits and waits.  Until one day:  her kiss blossoms!

And what do you do with all the kisses?  You share them of course!  The lesson of sharing joy is lovely and perfect for Valentine’s Day.

A Crankenstein Valentine

by Samantha Berger with pictures by Dan Santat

This is another of George’s current favourites.  He is into any book or movie that stars a grump (his favourite character over Christmas was Scrooge).

Some kids, namely Crankenstein, do not like Valentine’s Day.  Cutesy cards?  Allergy-Inducing bouquets?  Disgusting Valentine’s chocolates?  BLECH!

He HATES everything about the day.  Well, almost everything.  He might just find the perfect friend to write bad poems with.

I Love You Like a Pig

by Mac Barnett with pictures by Greg Pizzoli

I’ve written about this book before here. It’s wacky, whimsical and shows all the ways you feel things.  Perfectly Mac Barnett paired with fabulous Greg Pizzoli illustrations.

Love Matters Most

by Mij Kelly & Gerry Turley

This book has also made one of my lists before but I think it fits in perfectly for Valentine’s Day.

What makes a mama bear leave the safety and warmth of her den in the middle of the night?  To seek out her little baby cub of course!  This one is all about the love of a mother and ties in nicely with the winter wonderland that happens right around Valentine’s Day.

I Love You Already!

by Jory John & Benji Davies

This is part of a series starring Duck and Bear – and we love them.  They are hilarious and Bear is slightly grumpy (therefore George loves it).

Bear is snuggling down for a cozy day inside by himself but Duck has other plans.  Even with his dismay at abandoning his plans, Bear reveals to Duck that he loves him already!  He just needs to stop answering the door.

I Heart You

 by Meg Fleming and Sarah Jane Wright

The illustrations in this book are absolutely lovely and the words are all about the way parents love and teach their children.

Simple and sweet.

What Do You Love About You?

by Karen Lechelt

I came upon this book on a similar list to this, got it from the library and then noticed it’s in the bargain section at Chapters!  Buy this book!  I just bought our own copy because I think this book has a silly way of teaching an important lesson WE ALL NEED TO LEARN.

What do you love about you?  A little girl plays with all her stuffies and asks them what they love about themselves.  Finally her kitty asks her the same question.  So then I asked my kids what they loved about them.

I don’t need to tell you why the lesson is important.  You already know.  And I like how it doesn’t preach the lesson.

Buy it!

That should set you up for a perfect day of love and snuggles.  I’m off to bake heart shaped cupcakes with my kids now!  JK – I poured a glass of red wine and have a date with my PVR.

Happy Reading!