Baby Goes to Market

by Atinuke with illustrations by Angela Brooksbank

Alice insists on reading this each night at least 3 times.

It’s a very sweet counting story of a baby with his mama at a Nigerian market.  Baby is wrapped on his mama’s back and is gifted with so many treats while she shops.

We love it for a look at what grocery shopping looks like in another country.  Although now Alice expects me to carry my Loblaws bags on my head.

Bear and Duck

by Katy Hudson

Bear is tired of being a bear.  He would like to try being a duck.

But he finds it hard to build a nest, swim without splashing, and flying is impossible.  Duck points out all the things about being a bear that is great – like climbing a tree.  And the thing that Bear is best at is being a friend.

Very cute and I LOVE the illustrations.

Go Fish!

by Tammi Sauer with pictures by Zoe Waring

I think I talk about Tammi Sauer/Zoe Waring books fairly frequently (at least on my Instagram page) and it’s because I love the fun simplicity of their books that are always hilarious.  We’ve meet this duck before when we went for a picnic and caused a traffic jam.

Now he is fishing with friends who can’t seem to get a fish. Until they get a really really really big fish and decide pizza is a better idea.

Hope you enjoy these picks!  And as always,

Happy Reading,